We have also enabled our website to function as a  WordPress blog network. This means you can very easily create and launch a self-hosted WordPress blog with all the power that WordPress has to offer.

Each free blog is created as a subdirectory of our main site (

As soon as you create a blog, if you desire, let us know and we will be able to map it to your own domain name after a few steps (If you already own your domain name, this would involve an annual fee of $20.00 as we will have to park your domain).

If, however,  you want a blog with your own WordPress install, please look into our general hosting plans and we will be happy to launch an individual WordPress site for you.

Domain Mapping Process (Please do not attempt to map your network blog without first discussing it with us)

Before you can map your network blog to its domain name, following steps must be followed:

  • You must register your domain.
  • You must point it to our servers using our DNS address.
  • We must then park your domain on our servers. ($20.00/year)
  • After all this is done, then we can map your domain using the domain mapping link in your admin panel.
  • More details HERE.

Purchase Now

Domain Parking Fee (Annual): $20.00

Domain Registration Fee (Annual): $20.00

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