Network Blogs

How do I sign up for a free WordPress blog?

Please use the registration form to send us your blog information and we will create your blog and send you an activation link.

Can my blog have its own URL?

Yes, there are two ways of doing it:

  • You can either launch your blog using its own WordPress install. Check our General Plans for this option.
  • You can also map your network blog to its domain: Please follow the steps listed HERE.


Does OAW only Host OJS Sites?

No, we also offer general website hosting as well as a FREE WordPress blog Network.

Can My Journal have its own URL and Domain Name?

Yes, please check Option 2 under our OJS Plans.

Would OAW help me in setting up my journal?

Yes, we will provide you detailed documentation about OJS and will be happy to answer any other questions to the best of our knowledge.

Who owns the journal content?

The publishers and editors own the content according to their own copyright obligations.

What kind of support should I expect for our Journal?

We will assist you with all hosting-related questions. For OJS technical help, you should also look into PKP Forum on OJS.


What kind of Website Hosting Plans does OAW offer?

We have two kinds of plans, but if you like we can also create a custom plan for you.

Can I send a monthly payment for my website hosting?

Yes, you can send us a payment using a secure Paypal link on our website. For details, please visit our Payments page.