Some Long Term Community Support Strategies for UNT Library

While we now have an impressive presence on our Facebook Page and quite a large number of people have now signed our petition to stop the immediate budget cuts, I think we also need to start thinking about ways of helping the library in the long run. In my opinion, the best way to enable the library would be to use the various ways of giving to UNT Library.

Contributions can be made to the UNT Library both in kind and cash. The best way to help is by either using the UNT online giving page and designate a one time or a recurring gift to UNT Library, or, if you are a UNT employee, to start a  recurring donation through a payroll deduction. I have already set up a payroll deduction and the process was very simple. Provided below are some links to support the library with some explanation:

Forming a Permanent Library Support Group/ Student Organization

I think it would serve the library best to have an established and recognized student organization aimed at continually working in support of the library. The organization will probably have to be approved by UNT and would have to develop its constitution and bylaws etc. This is where we seek student leadership and if anyone of you is interested in leading this effort please contact us and we can start  the process.

Please pass this information to others. Please do take a few moments  and donate what you can to the library. Also, if you have any other suggestions, please post them in the comments section below.


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