United States exceeds 150,000 deaths from covid-19 | International

Nurse Elizabeth Stocksdale at a vigil at Brigham Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.
Nurse Elizabeth Stocksdale at a vigil at Brigham Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.BRIAN SNYDER / Reuters

The United States has exceeded 150,000 killed by covid-19 on Wednesday. Power reaches the tragic record amid a grim picture. Daily deaths exceed a thousand, half of the country has rises in the number of deaths and the infected are close to four and a half million. Lawmakers, meanwhile, are trying unsuccessfully to pull off a new stimulus package, when the extra aid of $ 600 a week for the millions of unemployed expires on Friday. In a press conference on the coronavirus offered on Tuesday, Donald Trump took a moment to regret that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s approval ratings are higher than his own. “Nobody likes me,” he said. “It must be my personality,” he added.

For more than a month, health experts have warned of the spread of infections in various parts of the country, mainly concentrated in the south. Trump used to argue that the new spikes in the cases responded to a longer range in tests to detect covid-19. But scientists, including Fauci, warned that the matter went further and that the rise in deaths would come later. Since the beginning of July, deaths have increased, while infections have started to stabilize at around 65,000 per day. Now there are 24 States and the District of Columbia that present escalations in their death toll. Florida, Arkansas, Oregon and Montana hit their daily record on Wednesday. The death rate has returned to the same level as in early June, when it was significant, but the country seemed to be saying goodbye to the worst and several territories were already reopening.

Fauci, the chief scientist for the task force advising the American president, told MSNBC that states should consider pausing or reverting their reopening processes. In an interview this Wednesday with ABC News, he turned on the alarm again and went further, noting that in Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky they were witnessing a “safe track” in the increase in cases, so if not Reacting Aggressively It was now likely that in a few weeks they would face the problems that the south and some western states, such as California, are dealing with. Amid the health crisis, racial and police abuse protests continue in several cities across the country.

Last week the United States reached four million cases of coronavirus, doubling the total number of infections in just six weeks. Since then, almost 500,000 more have been added. The country with the most deaths from covid-19 in the world passed the mark of 50,000 deaths on April 27 and that of 100,000 on May 27.

The 150,000-dead milestone caught Trump flying to Texas. The territory, one with the most aggressive outbreaks, beat its record for the highest number of deaths last week with more than 2,100 deaths. The president, after landing, did not refer to the victims of the pandemic, only made a reference to the fact that the vaccine should be available “very soon.” Less than two weeks ago, the president tried to make a 180-degree turn in his stance on the pandemic. He has defended the use of the mask in public, when for four months he refused to wear it. He resumed the informative press conferences on the coronavirus – alone, without his team of experts – where he tries to stick to the script and give little space to spontaneous advice that cost him so much criticism in the first stage.

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary and Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff, are scheduled to meet with Democratic leaders in Congress on Wednesday to continue negotiations on a new aid package. The nearly 30 million unemployed by the pandemic have received $ 600 (546 euros) in addition to state unemployment insurance for four months. In 48 hours this initiative expires. Republicans put forward a trillion-dollar proposal that Trump called “almost irrelevant,” because Democrats would respond differently. “They are very separate,” said the President of the United States on Tuesday.

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